How To Have A Healthy Meal Every Night Even When You Don’t Have Time!

An Exclusive Online Webinar hosted by Dorit Palvanov

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This webinar is for you if: 

You need more motivation to prepare healthy meals
You want to learn to be more organized 
You have trouble finding time to make a healthy meal each night
Dinnertime is chaotic and stressful for you
You are looking for more recipes of foods your picky eaters will actually eat! 
You don't feel like you've established clear boundaries around mealtime and most of the time end up giving in by feeding children treats to take the stress away, and then feel guilty about it.  
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About Dorit Palvanov

Hi!! My name is Dorit Palvanov, I am a wife, mother of three girls, and founder of Health Begins With Mom Website and Podcast. In my work, I help mothers take back control of their big emotions around food and feed themselves and their children with love, compassion, and good sense. My vision is to see families focus more on connection and the family unit rather than obsessing about food and nutrition. I teach families to create positive relationships with food through private coaching, online programs, live events and online seminars.